Boston Review: "Object Project" (forthcoming)

Washington Square Review: "Object Exercise" (forthcoming)

Adroit: "There is One and Only One Circle Passing Through Any Three Points"

Powder Keg: Upon Finding an AK-47 in My Grandfather's Closet," "Mouth," "Raisin," "Holding Saddam Hussein's Corkscrew," and "Testimony of Nadia Murad"

Arkana: "Chemical Attack at Halabja, 1988" 

Muzzle Magazine: "My Grandfather Emails Me Regarding My Plans to Return to Kurdistan" and "Thistle"

Tammy: "Introduction to Topology" & "Applied Logic"

Rattle: A Robot Calls Me On The Day We Take The 10,000th Refugee Into America"

Prelude: "Binary System"

Sixth Finch: "Theory of Extropy"  

The Felt: "Three Poems from Fractal"

Gigantic Sequins: "O, Brain: A Poem Like Life In Which You Choose Your Own Adventure" 

SOFTBLOW: "A Girl Storms Into A Bar and Turns Into A Cloud" & "How It Happened"

DIALOGIST: "Robot, Meatball, Diamond, Hangman"

Ninth Letter: For the Fisherwoman" 

Hayden's Ferry Review: "Earlier Magics"

Nashville Review: "As It Turned Out"


Perigee: "Crosshairs" 

CutBank: "MEME" (winner of the 2016 Montana Prize in Nonfiction)

BOAAT: "On Void" (A Micro-Essay)


Swan Song, a collaboration with artist Trey Burns 


Resevoir: from "Hexelations" 

The Felt: from "Fractal" (issue cover) 

Baldhip: "You Don't Need Your Dad's Approval,"Spring 2015 (issue cover) 

Hinchas de Poesia: Two Poems